ANGELS: Augmented Network GEnerating Learning for Safety

How can augmented reality help protect health and safety of workers in a real working environment, like for example an Hospital? To respond to this important question is one of the main goals of the project named ANGELS.

ANGELS stands for “Augmented Network GEnerating Learning for Safety” and it is a two-year research project (2012-2013) co-financed by the European Union dealing with risks and health issues at work in the context of a hospital environment. To address the main topics a multidisciplinary research team has been set up, including PTV – Policlinico Tor Vergata (Roma, Italy), NCONZO (Czech Republic), MF & Partners Consulting (France), Entropy KN (Italy), Universitat Jaume I (Spain) and Inglobe Technologies (Italy).

ANGELS Consortium aims at developing a prevention and training tool using Augmented Reality technology.  The main goal of the tool is to support hospital personnel during delicate tasks that involve safety issues in training and tutoring situations. The main benefit of this process is to associate contextual information and contents to real world tasks prompted by real world information.

Inglobe Technologies is in charge of developing the prototype of the system and application that in turn will provide information useful to solve a real world problem and manage a specific risk in a given environment.

Inglobe Technologies has presented ANGELS at their booth during AR Summit held in London on June 13th. The images below are a couple of pics from the event.

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