Excellence Program in Visual Language and Technology at UCLA

In 2012, through a new program sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Youth Policy, REMAP and TFT will host twenty-five top students from Italy at the intersection of visual language and technology, including students in screenwriting, directing of photography, set design, video directing, post production, and computer science.

A small group in residence for four months will work with REMAP to conceive, research, and prototype original interactive multimedia work.  A larger group, in residence for one month, will participate in an intensive multidisciplinary workshop in film, television and digital media, organized by REMAP.  The program, led by Senior Researcher Alessandro Marianantoni, will share perspectives and expertise developed at REMAP and TFT with promising young artists in Italy.

Applications can be forwarded within the 15th day from the publication of the official call


From the website:  http://www.gioventu.gov.it/

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