Caramelo Architects awarded “ADEMI-BA Architect of the Year” thanks to Syene Corporate AR-book

Augmented Reality hits again. It is not the first time ARmedia users are awarded prizes for their innovative projects.

Now it is the time for Caramelo Architects. The  brazillian architectural firm based in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil) won the  ”Architect of the Year 2012″ award within the contest sponsored by the Association of Corporate Real Estate Market – ADEMI-BA thanks to the Crossmedia Book they created for presenting their Syene Corporate project. The firm wanted to find an innovative way to talk about their new project. Syene Corporate Project is the first Green-Building in the North/Northeast of Brasil and had already won a sustainability award during the  Design Phase.

To present the project they set up a Crossmedia Book, which displays content using multiple media platforms to communicate both online and offline. According to one of the creators of the book project, the architect Frank Caramelo, Creative Director and IT at Caramelo Architects, the book employes  tools such as: the QRCode (2D barcode that can be scanned by most cell phones), AR (Augmented Reality) and iBook. Frank Caramelo declared “The tools enable virtual simulation of the building on it’s location, watch videos and plants, adding a greater number of information and content to charm and to facilitate the understanding of readers”.

No need to say that Caramelo Architects employed the ARmedia Plugin for SketchUp to create this award winning project.

You can

1) surf the book here

2) download the AR application from here

3) visit Caramelo Architects website here

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