VIPodium, the next generation virtual fitting room at DEMO Fall 2011

Fitting Reality launched the next-generation augmented reality fitting room, VIPodium, at DEMO Fall 2011. It is a great example of what the potential of Kinect-based solution for Augmented Reality applications. In few words, VIPodium is a sophisticated apparel visualization, social media engagement platform that allows “fashionistas” to virtually try on clothes either at home or in store. The platform helps shoppers to visualize how different sizes and models of garments compliment their unique shape as they would in a real-life fitting room, but without the need to physically try on the clothes.

The virtual fitting room module enables shoppers to browse through the store’s inventory using simple gestures to visualize the products as part of their outfits. It also allows customers to share photos with friends, and store wish list items on smartphones for shopping on the go. The main goal of the platform is to assist people in shopping experience, enabling quick and easy access to information on clothes.

Key features of the VIPodium include:

  • Instant try- it-on option to allow customers to get access to clothes 24/7 either at home or in store;
  • 360-degree view permits customers to inspect virtual garments from different angles;
  • 3D interface to sort through the garments easily and effectively;
  • Social sharing tools allow users to share their experience for a quick thumbs-up or down;
  • “Brand communication” tool enables apparel retailers to get detailed information on the wants and the needs of their customers at an aggregate and at an individual level;
  • “Fit communication” tool permits quick electronic automatic interchange of garment-sizing measurements between apparel retailers and VIPodium to optimize the virtual garment fit.

Improvements of the user experience are still possible, but the solution is really engaging and it demonstrates very well the state-of-the-art of kinect-based solutions for AR. Take a look at this video for more information

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