Linked Markers Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to create a multi-marker scene using one and the same 3D model in association with different markers linked together. Different markers that are arranged together in a particular way are called “Linked Markers”.

ARmedia Plugin 2.2 offers the possibility to link two or more markers together. This feature allows users to create more immersive AR environments, for example AR Walkthroughs and AR Rooms.

AR Walkthrough: users can disseminate  paths in real environments with markers to create more immersive AR experiences.

AR Room: users can create a virtual room and then visualize it in the real space just by hanging the necessary markers on the walls, ceilings and floors.  This technique can be effective to display furniture or walls’ arrangements in newly created building.

The video below shows a simple application of linked markers.

The detailed Tutorial can be found here:

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