optimARes: Augmented Reality Seat Viewer for iPad2

Inglobe Technologies are happy to announce the publication of their latest Augmented Reality Application for iPad2. The App is titled “optimARes” and is freely available for download from Apple’s App Store.

Created by Inglobe Technologies in collaboration with Ascanio Malgarini for Optimares, an innovative italian company that specializes in manufacturing of aircraft interiors, “optimARes” is the first iPad2 application that allows to interact with virtual models of airplane seats directly in the real physical space using AR (Augmented Reality) technology. When turning the camera to an AR Marker, users can simulate the setup of the seat and interact with its features. By means of the Application users can enjoy a pre-flight experience by moving around in the space that surrounds them at office and at home.

Take a look at the video below to see how the App works.

Main features include:

(1)  AR visualization of the innovative Sabre seat system designed and patented by Optimares on the AR marker

(2) Free scaling and rotation of the seat by means of a natural interface

(3) Selection of three different  texture and color variants

(4) Change of the reclining angle of the seat

(5)  Interaction with the components of the Seat like the movable coffee table and turn on/off the lights

(6) Displaying a dummy

(7) Information about ergonomy and space occupancy. By changing the pitch users can simulate the distance between different seat rows

(7) Users can take a picture of the simulated image through the camera.

The A3 printed marker corresponds to a real-scale seat but the marker can be printed in any format for desktop use.

The Application also offers an online “Debug Mode”  that allows users to adapt the tracking parameters to their environmental light conditions. This feature can be activated from the list of application settings on user’s iPad.

The App can be downloaded from here

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