Integrated Print Forum – a New White Paper on AR for the Printing Industry

The Printing and Publishing sector is living  a new revolution as a consequence of the recent technological innovations. This was the main focus of the Integrated Print Forum 2011, an important event that took place October 24-25 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA) organized by Printing Industries of America to discuss the current trends and innovations in the printing industry.

Printing Industries of America is the world’s largest graphic arts trade association representing an industry with approximately one million employees. Printing Industries of America serves the interests of more than 10,000 member companies. The organization, along with its affiliates, delivers products and services that enhance the growth, efficiency, and profitability of its members and the industry through advocacy, education, research, and technical information.

Integrated Print Forum 2011 was designed to provide printers with an environment suitable for learning about the newest technologies and how to implement them into their repertoire to reach a greater profit potential. The conference focused on cutting–edge techniques and showcased how to integrate print with other forms of media and covered everything from integrated marketing campaign management to augmented reality to designing websites for mobile applications–all with a focus on print service providers.

“We have assembled an interactive forum for printers to learn tactics that they can apply to their business as soon as they return home,” said Julie Shaffer, vice president of Digital Technologies, Printing Industries of America. “It’s important for printers to come together, share ideas, and learn about new technologies and opportunities that can help ensure our industry continues to evolve and meet the changing needs of consumers.”

A new White Paper on AR for the Printing industry is also available for download from their website. The Paper, titled “Augmented Reality, Extending the Value of Print” is authored by Joseph Marin, Senior Analyst of Digital Technologies. It presents several examples of practical applications of Augmented Reality with print.

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