How to Create a Virtual Pool with the ARplugin for Google SketchUp

Creating basic Augmented Reality scenes using Google SketchUp and ARmedia Plugin is easy as pushing a button. Besides basic usage however creating more complex scenes requires a little experience with SketchUp and the AR tool. Now we have created a Tutorials section on the ARmedia Support Forums that is specifically meant to help users improve their AR capabilities.

We have recently published a tutorial that will teach you how to create the ‘virtual pool’ effect using SketchUp and Arplugin. Basically, you can create the illusion of a swimming pool standing right next to you in few steps.

An example of a virtual pool is shown in the figure.

The main features covered by this tutorial are:

- Use of SketchUp base modeling tools

- Configuration of an Occluder Object

You can access to the tutorial via the following links:

You will take approximately 40 minutes to complete the tutorial.

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