Indian Magazine “SketchUp ur Space” on ARmedia Plugin

The “Augmented-Reality-for-SketchUp” word is spreading more and more every day. We have heard of beautiful stories on this topic coming from any part of the world. This new one comes from west Bengal, India and adds a spiritual flavor to the AR thing.

The story is about a new SketchUp magazine that has started to focus on AR lately. The magazine is “Sketchup ur Space” and it is one of a kind SketchUp magazine. The magazine features useful resources, from scholarly articles on SketchUp to its plug ins, tips, blogs, tutorial, news and updates. Sketchup ur Space is a true guide for designers and a meeting point of all the SketchUp artists of the world. Here they can share their SketchUp knowledge with the SketchUp community. It is not accidental that one of the notes you can find in the Letter to the Editor reads “Knowledge is the only fruit that grows bigger when shared!”. Sketchup ur Space is a product of This organization from India outsources SketchUp work to the world, reselling SketchUp plug ins and sharing latest updates. The magazine is publishing on a monthly basis and is totally free of cost. Among other things, the organization is also a trusted reseller in Asia of the ARmedia Plugin for Google SketchUp.

The latest issue of the magazine focuses specifically on AR. You can download it here: in pdf format or read it directly its html version.

With the words of Debarati Nath, Editor in chief at SketchUp ur Space “The gap between digital world and real world is filled in by AR Media plugin for SketchUp. The information which is implicitly associated with a context is made directly usable and accessible by means of the AR interface. AR Media plugin for Google SketchUp, adds Debarati, is a hot and spicy topic for SketchUp now a days. With the help of this plugin users can visualize and study their virtual models in the real space. This helps them to get a better understanding about their product. The users can also communicate with their client more effectively by this wonderful plug in. To get all these advantages first of all you need to download the AR Media Plug in in your computer. Then you need a web cam and the printed codes that come with the software.  And you just start visualize Augmented Reality in a click.”

If you want, you can download the ARplugin from a direct download link on Sketchup ur Space:

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