ARmedia Interactive Video Tutorials on

Learning how to use AR software is one of the most challenging parts of the process of mastering the AR potential. User guides, manuals but also written tutorials hardly can accomplish what a video tutorial can do in few minutes. Even better when the video tutorial is interactive and designed to keep track of the learning achievements during the learning process.

A new tool is now available for improving learning of ARmedia Plugin. It is provided by the team of professionals who support the website

Right now they have almost 4,500 videos.  The list is expanding from large software titles to more niche software. There is also a LMS (Learning Management System) part of the website, where teachers/managers/HR can track their students or employees progress. There is a section of resources related to AR-media 3ds max plugin. The video tutorial is the first of a series of tutorials that will help Arplugin users learning the features of the software.

You can access the interactive video tutorial from here:

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