ARmedia SDK: Quick Demo

Recognition and Tracking of 3D objects is not a common feature of Augmented Reality SDKs today. Most of the AR SDKs in the market can recognize planar images, others simply support geo-location, yet others support 3d mapping and tracking without the capability of recognizing objects in different environments. This can be a big issue when developing applications in a variety of applicative domains, like architecture, maintenance or cultural heritage.

With respect to “Maintenance & Repair” applications, 3D Tracking is a key technology enabler, as it allows to identify parts or objects as a whole during an assisted procedure and helps the operators perform their tasks efficiently and effectively.

One of the distinctive features of the ARmedia SDK is a powerful 3D recognition and tracking module. The video below shows a demo developed  very quickly using the ARmedia SDK

For more information, just visit the SDK website:

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