ARmedia Plugin v2.3.1 now supports SketchUp 2013 and 3ds Max/Maya 2014

Inglobe Technologies announced today that the new version of ARmedia Augmented Reality Plugin has been released. The new version 2.3.1 now also supports Trimble SketchUp 2013 and 3ds Max / Maya 2014.

Features of the software include:

- Geo-located models for iOS devices: you can use iOS Player to display virtual models in the real world without any marker.

- Exporter for iOS devices: you can create .armedia files which can be displayed using AR-media™ Player for iOS.

- Chroma key videos: you can play videos created with the chroma key technique (both green and blue screen is supported) as textures on your 3D objects.

- Linked Markers: it is possible to display a single model on two or more markers, granting the possibility to display the same object with different viewpoints.

- Layers’ Management: 3D objects can be placed on different layers, which can be displayed independently during the AR visualization.

- Timed Slideshow: you can organize your 3D contents to act as a set of slides. In fact, each layer can be displayed for a chosen time interval and then replaced with the following layer.

- Shadows: you can configure the sunlight in SketchUp™ to cast shadows on 3D objects, in order to obtain a more realistic visualization. Moreover, you can interact with this light source in real-time, moving it and modifying the shadows’ visualization.

- Clipping/Sectioning: thanks to the Clipping planes’ management features, it is possible to create sections of 3D objects in real-time.

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