Inglobe Technologies to present the new ARmedia 3D Tracker at AWE 2013

Inglobe Technologies announced today that the new ARmedia 3D Tracker is finally available.

3D Tracking of real world objects is one of the most challenging tasks researchers in Computer Vision and Augmented Reality fields are currently facing and it is also one of the fundamental requirements for high-end applications in industrial sectors like AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) and Systems Maintenance.

ARmedia 3D tracker is especially addressed to improve Augmented Reality visualization across different applicative domains.  The new tracker, which is the outcome of a recent research project, allows to identify and track complex objects independently of their scale. This means that the very same technology scales well independently of the size and features of the object to be tracked. The tracker is also quite robust with respect to change of lighting conditions and allows to easily manage the contents to be associated with the real world view of the object.

Graziano Terenzi, CEO at Inglobe Technologies, declared that demonstrations will be provided of the tracker working on real world buildings and equipment at different scales during the Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara, CA.

The new tracker works both on mobile and desktop platforms.

You can taste a preview of the technology from the video below:

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