Inglobe Technologies and ARToolworks Inc sign a partnership agreement

Inglobe Technologies Srl and ARToolworks Inc formally joined with a partner agreement. This agreement will give birth to an improved technical and marketing collaboration between the two companies in all areas of augmented reality technology, including mobile, web and custom solutions.

Augmented Reality integrates live video with computer generated graphics enabling virtual content to be overlaid on the real world. ARToolworks is the leading provider of tools for developing AR experiences and their software libraries are the first choice of developers creating AR applications. Inglobe Technologies, a leading company in the field of AR, is the developer of the platform ARmedia and of popular AR applications such as the ARmedia Plugin for Google SketchUp and Autodesk 3ds Max.

By entering this agreement the two companies intend to establish a closer cooperation to get the best from their development and marketing activities, with a special attention to Italy but also with a look to the global market. Inglobe Technologies will also be allowed to distribute and provide support for the ARToolkit product family.

Commenting on the agreement, Graziano Terenzi, CEO of Inglobe Technologies Srl, declared: “We have enjoyed working with ARToolworks in the past and it is a real pleasure seeing our collaboration take a step forward. By fully supporting all of the ARToolworks development tools, I strongly believe that a plenty of opportunities will be disclosed to both of our companies. If, on one side, this agreement will surely make us move faster towards our marketing and development goals, on the other side we will do our best to provide ARToolworks with valuable collaboration both on technical and marketing issues.”

Ben Vaughan, CEO of ARToolworks added: “Inglobe Technologies has developed a range of great AR products and we are delighted to form a closer relationship with Graziano and his team. As one of the premier European AR solutions companies, this agreement will accelerate our product development strategy and help us to increase our penetration into the expanding Italian market.”

All of the ARToolkit product family are now available to the Italian market through Inglobe Technologies who in turn will also help customers get the best out of them.

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