The Largest Augmented Reality Project in the World

As Augmented Reality is becoming more and more popular, construction companies and Real Estate agencies have started using AR technology to market their projects. This post discusses an interesting case of AR marketing in the Real Estate and Construction industries that employs ARmedia technology .

Last summer, Rossi Residencial, an important brazillian construction and RE company, launched a big campaign to market their latest development project named Fibrasa Connection in Vitoria, Brasil. The campaign employed ARmedia technology to help selling the real estate units and attract international investors. Augmented Reality has been used here to help potential clients visualize the development even before it was actually built. Potential clients were able to appreciate project’s qualities not only in stands and in the website but also in the real place.

By using a copter equipped with a suitable AR system, Labz Produtora Digital (the brazillian studio in charge of the production), helped potential buyers visualize the building in the real place at the real scale.

The reported results are impressive:

+ 50% of the units sold in one month

+ 600 people at launch

+ 2000 stand visitors

+ 600 national reviews

+ 500 international reviews

+ 500 national Blogs

+ 30 international Blogs

Many spontaneous TV Reportages

+ 120.000 Youtube visualizations

But most notably  the project, with its 900 m2 marker, has been registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest augmented reality marker in the world.

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