ARToolKit for Unity now Available

Inglobe Technologies is pleased to announce the immediate availability of ARToolKit for Unity and a complete overhaul of ARToolKit product line-up and pricing.

ARToolKit for Unity

ARToolKit for Unity is a set of plugins for the Unity game development environment that allows for the rapid creation of beautiful, full-featured, powerful AR applications, with one-click deployment to desktop and mobile platforms.

Features include:

• Unity editor plugin represents AR-relevant constructs in the Unity GUI, including markers and camera configuration.

• Live in-editor preview of your AR scene.

• Native runtime plugin for Unity on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android. Deploy to all platforms without changes in your Unity project.

• Full ARToolKit feature set including pictorial and barcode markers. ARToolKit NFT support coming soon.

• Set of sample AR applications for Unity provided.


• ARToolKit for Unity requires a license for Unity Pro, plus Unity iOS and/or Android Pro if developing for iOS and/or Android from Unity Technologies ApS.

ARToolKit for Mobile

ARToolKit for Mobile includes marker based and Natural Feature Tracking libraries for iOS and Android. The iOS version now supports loading of multiple texture targets simultaneously. Unlike other NFT tracking libraries, ARToolKit NFT puts the texture-training tools in the developer’s hands, allowing the developer complete control over the art pipeline and design of the tracked surface.  This feature will be added to the Android version by the end of May.

Windows Mobile is supported via SLARToolKit

A closed source version of NyARToolKit and FLARToolKit with Natural Feature Tracking will be available soon.

For more details please visit or contact us at licensing[at]

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