Augmented Reality and the Future of Printing and Publishing – Whitepaper

Day after day, Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming an essential topic for insiders in the Print and Publishing sectors, especially as a consequence of the ongoing transition from print to digital.

Among the emerging questions the most important are: will AR contribute to the improvement of the way information is delivered and received in the context of the Media and Publishing ecosystem? Will AR generate new “revenue streams” or improve the ones that already exist in the sector?

A new Whitepaper is now available from Inglobe Technologies that is meant to address these basic questions. The Whitepaper, titled “Augmented Reality and the Future of Printing  and Publishing – Opportunities and Perspectives-“, provides an analysis and perspective on this new technology as a tool for contrasting the barriers tied to the digital transition in the  traditional publishing sector.

In the wake of the rapid spread of AR technology in the last two years, the document highlights opportunities and benefits tied to its use in this sector. It also offers a review on the possible applications of AR in the context of different market segments (contextual and geo-located information, advertising, multimedia, entertainment, education) with reference to publishing products on one side (books, magazines, newspapers, collectibles) and technological platforms on the other side (print supports, personal computers, laptops, mobile devices).

The Whitepaper also discusses the commercial benefits, including the possible revenue streams, alongside with the functional benefits of AR in connection to the creation of immersive publishing products.

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