ARToolKit Professional for Android

An updated release of ARToolKit Professional for Android is now available. ARToolKit for Android allows developers to target devices running Google’s Android operating system. In addition to the full functionality of ARToolKit Professional, the SDK includes an application development framework in Java, designed specifically for Android.

Developers can access the toolkit’s functionality through standard Android Java classes or in native C/C++ code using the Android NDK. Features and benefits include:

- Compatible with Android version 2.1 (“Eclair”) or later.
- NDK support, allowing applications using ARToolKit on Android to be written entirely in native code and call directly into ARToolKit’s API.
- Documentation guides developers through the process of creating an ARToolKit application on Android.
- Automatic thresholding, adjustable filtering, and PLUS all the other features of the world’s most widely used and trusted optical tracking library for augmented reality.

ARToolKit Professional licenses are available from Inglobe Technologies and allow developers to incorporate ARToolKit into their closed-source product. Enable rapid deployment of a full spectrum of AR applications on Android using the same assets and markers as on other supported ARToolKit platforms.

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