VirtuaJoia: How to Create Amazing AR Jewels with ARmedia 2.1

If you think it would be nice to try on a ring or a necklace before you buy it without having to go to the Jewelry, then you must read this article. This User’s Story comes from Brasil. This is a story about a Digital Designer creating amazing Virtual Jewels with a “great” Augmented Reality Software. The Digital Designer is Daniel Kroll, and the Augmented Reality Software is the ARmedia Plugin for 3ds Max 2.1

Daniel’s idea of creating Virtual Jewels dates back to his studies at the University. His latest projects is called VirtuaJoia and you can learn more about it on VirtuaJoia page on Facebook and on Daniel Kroll website.

While working on this project Daniel prepared a nice Video Tutorial on how to create amazing photorealistic augmented reality jewels using ARmedia Plugin 2.1. In his attempt at creating more realistic AR jewels Daniel also used the technique of Occluder Objects, that allows you to model and consider real objects inside your AR scene.

You can take a look at the snapshots below to get an idea of how things work

Finally, here comes the Video Tutorial

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