ARmedia Augmented Reality Plugin 2.1 released with new Features

Version 2.1 of the ARmedia Augmented Reality Plugin for Google SketchUp and Autodesk 3ds Max is now available from Inglobe Technologies.

The new version is a major upgrade that includes a lot of new interesting features that make it suitable for the creation of high quality Augmented Reality content. Besides increasing creative possibilities, the new features enhance designer’s control over Augmented Reality workflow and visualization.

New features include:

-          Video/Audio Objects: support for the creation of 3D objects that allow interactive media files playback.

-          Soundtracks: support for audio playlist management which will play in background during the AR Visualization.

-          Customizable Interactions: support for definition of interactions with 3D objects during the AR Visualization.

-          Save/Load Custom Configurations: possibility to save/load many configuration options such as Markers’ Library and 3D Scene Setup.

-          Extended Animations support for 3ds Max: e.g. skinning and morphing

According to Alessandro Terenzi, Inglobe’s R&D Manager, “The version 2.1 of ARmedia Plugin is meant to turn the software into a full-fledged and easy to use Augmented Reality Authoring Tool. I believe that the new features will improve significantly the potential of the software, thus impacting positively on users’ productivity and creativity. I’m confident that ARplugin 2.1 will prove to be the ideal solution for those who want to create high-quality AR content rapidly and without programming”.

ARmedia Plugin 2.1 is available for Google SketchUp and Autodesk 3ds Max. Besides the Professional Lite and Professional Editions, a free Trial and a Personal Learning Edition (PLE) are also available from Inglobe’s website.

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