Engaging Medical Visualization: Tecres Interactive Mirror and App

The challenge of communicating the essence of complex surgical procedures and products has always been a major concern for the  medical sector. Inglobe Technologies and Tecres S.p.a. -an innovative company that offers solutions for orthopaedics, spine surgery and neurosurgery- have teamed up to create a set of tools that make the communication of advanced orthopaedic technology not only effective but also amusing.

Drawing on the X-ray visualization metaphor, Inglobe developed a Kinect-based Magic Mirror Experience and a mobile App that is helping Tecres engage customers with their solutions. The Tecres Magic Mirror is a huge high-definition interactive exhibit that the company has showcased for the first time on 25-27 March 2015 at the AAOS International Trade Fair in Las Vegas. The system recognizes humans as they approach the interaction area and scans the user before a metaphorical X-ray Mirror. The X-ray scheleton is controlled by the user’s gestures who can select and interact with the products thus focusing on the essence of the solutions offered by the company .

Similarly, the Tecres Mobile App provides Healthcare Professionals with an immersive 3D experience focused on Tecres solutions for orthopaedics, spine surgery and neurosurgery. Through an innovative 3D and Augmented Reality interface, the App is currently employed as one of the company’s most valued enterprise tools to support the sales force present the company products. The App is available for smartphones and Tablets both on the App Store and Google Play.

Don’t miss the chance to give it a try!

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