ARToolKit Professional version 4.5 available

Inglobe Technologies and Artoolworks are pleased to inform that ARToolKit Professional version 4.5 is available. This latest major release continues the development of the world’s most popular library for augmented reality tracking with significant new features, expanded platform support, and performance improvements.

New features include:

-          Support for barcode markers with error detection and correction, to provide improved tracking.

-          Variable border width markers, in both colour/grayscale picture and barcode modes.

-          Inbuilt algorithms for pose estimate filtering, allowing tracking to be either dynamic or smooth, depending on user needs.

-          Expanded platform support, including Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Xcode 3.2.

-          Improved 64-bit support, including support for complete 64-bit builds on Mac OS X.

-          A new debugging utility allowing user-driven analysis of the tracking process and problem diagnosis.

-          Experimental support for adaptive thresholding, with high-performance acceleration of adaptive thresholding on the Mac OS X 64-bit platform.

-          A new Mac OS X video input module based on QuickTime 7 and QTKit, offering high-performance tracking from HD video sources.

-          New examples demonstrating techniques such as filtering, and rendering of movie content into the virtual environment.

For more information regarding the other features click here.

ARToolKit Professional version 4.5.0 is available immediately for license for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms. Mobile platform releases will follow shortly. The pricing for version 4.5.0 remains the same as for the existing version. Please contact licensing[at]inglobetechnologies[dot]com for more information on license options and pricing.

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