shangoo: Augmented Weather Forecasts

If you wonder how the weather forecasts will be in the future, you do not need to wait any longer. “shangoo“, the new App by Inglobe Technologies, will show you…now.
Inspired by Shango , the ancient african God of Thunder, ” shangoo ” is the first revolutionary application that provides “augmented” weather forecasts. Thanks to a unique and innovative Augmented Reality Interface, the app allows users to view actual forecasts and meteorological data directly superimposed on the camera view of the mobile device, in real-time and with various 3D weather effects.

You do not need many words to describe the application. A few key concepts are sufficient : immediate, contextual, realistic, amazing, connected, social.
shangoo is immediate. It’s no longer necessary to interpret symbols to read the weather forecasts. Thanks to the dynamic effects of the application, the user easily understands what the weather will look like.
shangoo is contextual. By means of geo-location, users will have access to weather data directly in the place where they are located.
shangoo is realistic. The weather data are rendered through dynamic and realistic 3D effects (including audio) that are associated with the expected weather conditions at the time of the visualization.
shangoo is amazing. The app creates infinite Alternate Realities, that is, situations in which the user can, for example, have the experience of a tropical beach in the southern hemisphere during summer along with the snow in Helsinki during winter.
shangoo is connected. Use your smartphone ‘s Internet connection to download the data associated with the prediction from anywhere in the world with a span of 5 days.
shangoo is social. Thanks to the social feature, users can share their experiences on major social networks and with the world.
The video above tells it clearly.
The application is available both for iOS and Android in two versions, a free and a paid version. The differences between the free version and the paid version include ads removal and the ability to search places worldwide.
Download the free version from App Store and Google Play now!

You can find more information on the App website here:

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