Augmenting Real World Objects with ARmedia 3D Tracker

One of the most exciting technologies presented at AWE 2013 in Silicon Valley has been the preview of the ARmedia 3D Tracker by Inglobe Technologies. The ARmedia 3D tracker allows to recognize and track complex 3D objects independently of their size and geometry.

The company showcased some cool demonstrations of the technology. The first demonstration relates to the augmentation of the Coliseum in Rome. You can check the video below to get an idea of the capabilities of the tracker when it comes to accurately track large scale buildings.

Another demonstration relates to the augmentation of a real world house, thus demonstrating how the technology can track 3D objects without many features. The demonstration superimposes the technical systems of the house to a view of the real building using AR. Watch the video below

Finally, a live demonstration has been offered of the tracker at work on a physical maquette. The video below shows how the very same technology can be used to recognize and track objects at any scale.

The ARmedia 3D Tracker is the outcome of a joint research project of which more details will be disclosed during the next few weeks. It will be made available both as a tool for non programmers and as a SDK for developers. For more information please visit the webpage here

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