Student Project: Revitalization of the old riverbed of Warta in Poznań

Today’s story relates to a graduation project in Interior Design by Maciej Birkenmayer.

Maciej’s project covers the revitalization of the old riverbed of Warta in the heart of Poznań, Poland.  Maciej used the ARmedia Plugin for SketchUp to study some aspects of the project, especially for what concerns the insertion of the building in the surrounding area.

With Maciej own words “Because the design of the exteriors refers and is in many ways rooted in the original state of the site from the past but also responds to the present – it was essential to show the project with it’s surroundings. Presenting how it corresponds with existing buildings and places was one of the most important tasks. By combining my Sketchup model with a Google Earth snapshot and a 3d model of buildings from the area I managed to acquire – all I needed was a way to show it to the audience. Using AR plugin for Sketchup was the perfect solution. By moving and rotating the marker in front of a camera everyone could see from virtually any angle how the design looks within it’s environment, get a better understanding of the scale and how it fits in the area. Besides accomplishing it’s role perfectly, the Ar-plugin also provided loads of fun to viewers unfamiliar with such technology.”

These are some pictures of the project

Here goes a complete Flickr gallery:

Maciej Birkenmayer, 24 years old, lives in Poland. He studied Interior Design at University of Arts in Poznań in years 2007-2012 and graduated this year. His graduation work was simply named “Revitalization of the old riverbed of Warta in Poznań” and was designed under the leading of professor dr hab. Piotr Machowiak

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