ARmedia Total: a Course on the Augmented Reality Plugin for SketchUp

We are happy to announce that a new course is now  available on the ARmedia Plugin for Google SketchUp. The  course covers the main topics related to the employment of the Augmented Reality Plugin as an Authoring Tool for AR. Thanks to this course users will learn a lot about AR Media for SketchUp, from the basic installation of the program, through the full use of the player to the creation of XML interactions. With over 3 hours of course, the student will gain a deep understanding of how augmented reality works with Google SketchUp.

The course is hosted by the community portal of Luciano Augusto. Here goes the official page:

The classes cover the following topics:

01 – Presentation Of Armedia Course

02 – Installing The Armedia Professional.

03 – How to Install  Armedia Player.

04 – Features Of the Player

05 – Interface From Armedia In SKT

06 – The Beginners Use The Armedia In SKT

07 – Understanding and Building Targets Part 01

08 – Understanding and Creating Targets-Part 02

09 – Understanding and Creating Targets – Part 03

10 – Pre Load and Save Settings

11 – Audio In Augmented Reality

12 – Soundtrack In AR

13 – Video In Your AR

14 – Understanding Layers

15 – Sectioning

16 – Use of Light and Shadows in AR

17 – The Use of XML in AR

18 – Occlusion System

19- Multiple targets

There is a free class available upon registration on the portal:

The course is in portuguese but soon all of the classes will also come with English Subtitles.

This post is also available in: Italian