Second Edition of “Festival della Complessità” in Tarquinia

If you are in Italy on  June 24-25-26 and you are planning to take a deep cultural breath, we warmly suggest you to visit Tarquinia, one of the oldest towns in the heart of ancient Etruria, the land of pre-Roman civilization known as the Etruscans. This is the beautiful location where  the second edition of the so called “Festival della Complessità” (Festival of Complexity) will take place.

34 conversations at the crossing of disciplines with a look at the evolution of contemporary society will be carried out by some of the most competent specialists in their respective areas.

A cross-disciplinary debate will cover topics ranging from mathematics, physics, biology, epistemology, ecology, urbanism, society, art and tecnology.  An interesting conversation on the relationships between Art and Science will be held on Sunday afternoon by theretical physicist Ignazio Licata and another one on the impact of Augmented Reality on society will be held later the same day.

You will find a detailed program of the event here:

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