How to Create a Virtual Hole using the ARmedia Plugin for 3ds Max

Have you ever imagined what a wormhole would look like, if it were to suddenly appear on your desktop? With the ARmedia Plugin you can turn your imagination into a reality, even though an augmented one.

We have published a tutorial recently that illustrates how to create a ‘Virtual Hole’ effect using the ARplugin for 3ds Max. With the “Virtual Hole” effect you can create the illusion of objects coming out from a hole that could be placed around in your surrounding environment, be it your desktop or the walls in your room.

An example of a virtual hole is shown in the figure.

Besides other topics, the main features covered in this tutorial are:
- 3ds Max keyframe animation
- Configuration of an Occluder Object
- 3ds Max Render To Texture feature

You can access to the tutorial via the following links:

You will take approximately 40 minutes to complete the tutorial.

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