Google fires back at Apple with ARCore. What about Tango?

A few weeks after the release of ARkit from Apple, Google is trying to catch-up and to overcome the limitations of Tango. Google, as well as Apple, is pursuing the goal is to bring AR features on the largest possible share of mobile devices.

Google is under obvious pressure to compete with Apple’s lightweight version of AR, which has produced a small wave of clever experiments since its announcement in June. But the company’s head of augmented and virtual reality, Clay Bavor, describes ARCore as an intentional long-term outgrowth of Tango. “Our approach with Tango was to un-constrain ourselves,” Bavor says. “That really let us learn a lot, figure out what the use cases are, and push forward the technology — out ahead of what would have been possible with standard smartphone hardware.
Google released a couple of consumer products with Tango, but they’ve had little mainstream appeal. Meanwhile, he says, Google was taking key pieces and adapting them for ordinary phones, where they could work without Tango’s two extra cameras.

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