The map of the AR landscape and where to invest

A few weeks ago Super Ventures, an Augmented Reality fund and incubator based in San Francisco, published the first comprehensive AR landscape map in order to classify the most promising startups and companies in the ecosystem.

The result is a map organized into 6 different areas: applications; tools; devices, input, output, components.

We can’t consider Augmented Reality just as a promising technologies anymore, not with such an ecosystem and not now that even the giants are jumping on the bandwagon with innovative solutions, Apple being the very latest with its ARKit. It is much more than promising.
All the hype around Mixed Reality technologies may attract many investors, but their journey in understanding and sorting all the possible opportunities is not an easy one. This is why Super Ventures took the time to identify the opportunities in relation with the belonging field, be it hardware or software.

Inglobe Technologies has been included in this map in the “Tracking SDK” section inside the “Tools” area thanks to its AR-media SDK and object tracking technologies. Actually Inglobe also develops authoring and publishing tools for Industry 4.0, New Media and Cultural Heritage.