Inglobe Technologies taking part to Renault Innovation Day

On December 14th, 2015 Inglobe Technologies took part to Renault Innovation Day in Rome. In the splendid setting of a memorable event, linked to the themes of innovation in Smart Cities, lifestyles and technologies – not only those found in the cars-, Inglobe Technologies presented the Dealer 2.0 Solution addressed to enhancing diagnostics and maintenance through Augmented Reality.

The presented solutions have shown how it is possible, through our platform, to interact in real-time with the vehicle and display data through smartphones and smartglasses, thus overlapping the data onto the vision of the vehicle. Thanks to the high degree of integration, the platform can significantly reduce the time needed to identify problems and quickly take action to resolve them. Thanks to the tight integration with the e-Dealer solution by Lynx International, the technology now fits into a broader platform that includes diagnostics, maintenance and e-check.

A video of the event below:

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