A Magic Mirror Augments your Reality

How would your life change if you could interact with your mirror at home or anywhere else? Would this be useful? Would this make sense at all? These are some of the questions that our friend Alpay Kasal, an Interaction Designer from New York, asked himself while creating the concept for his Interactive Mirror.

What is the Interactive Mirror ? It is a fun device that has many potential applications at home and in other places as well. Interactive Mirror allows the user to use it simultaneously both as a regular mirror and a digital display. Its touch-sensitive mirror-like surface can be drawn on and display a variety of interactive content, including images, which can be rearranged on-screen, and text which the user can view at different angles and font sizes.

We at Inglobe helped Alpay to introduce Augmented Reality in his magic mirror. With Augmented Reality the magic mirror adds another dimension to interaction, by allowing not only touch-based interaction but also visual-based one.

Please check the CNN’s Gary Tuchman video report on the Magic Mirror at


Built with easily acquired parts, the interactive mirror offers an innovative interface, which according to Alpay was intentionally designed to be “non-computery”, so that people who aren’t technology savvy will find it usable. The Magic Mirror enhanced with Augmented Reality can be mainly applied to marketing and entertainment. With gesture recognition the mirror will also become an ideal device  for trying on apparel. The video below illustrates the basics of the Interactive Mirror

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