Arto: the future of photography (with depth sensors)

What will Instagram look like in the future? Researchers at University of Urbana Illinois have the answer…and the answer is: Arto

Arto is a proof-of-concept prototype that allows users to compose augmented reality photographs using spatial input with Depth Sensors.  With Arto, users ‘reach into their scene’ with spatial input and manipulate their physical environment. The proof-of-concept prototype uses two depth cameras: one to capture 3D photographs and another to track the user’s fingers to the side of the device.

Arto enables powerful augmented photographic experiences where users can virtually re-light the physical environment, insert virtual 3D objects, automatically capture high-speed pictures, edit depth-of-field, and select regions of a scene, by using 3D spatial input. “We elicited feedback from both everyday users and expert photographers, and found the potential of Arto as a new creative tool” say the authors.

You will appreciate the system by taking a look at the video below

We thank Brett Jones from the Arto Team for this nice piece of information. Find more here:

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