Gold AR, Award Winning App to be Launched in September

Award winning application “Gold AR” will be launched on September, 13th 2013. The application received a nonimation and was awarded the Auggie Award as  the Best Augmented Reality Campaign at Augmented World Expo (AWE) in Santa Clara, CA, 4-5 June 2013. Gold AR has been developed by italian mobile developer Giovanni Landi. Considered as an outsider, the Application has been awarded the prize notwithstanding the level of the other competitors.

Gold Streetwear Brand

The Florence based streetwear brand Gold launched the first augmented guerrillia marketing campaign in Italy. Gold has been famous over the last 10 years for its Brand dissemination through the well recognizable gold sticker.
The Gold stickers are distributed almost all over the world

The Idea

Special stickers will be positioned in secret places around florence, places that only skaters, writers and parkour runners know well.
Pointing at this stickers through the Gold AR App the users will access an augmented reality experience.
Playing the AR Shooting game will unlock discounts for the Gold Shops!

The experience
The “G” letter from the Gold logo has been animated and made a sperm like swimming charachter.
Pointing at the sticker the G will come out from a manhole and fly around the user.
In a 360° Shooting Game the user will have to shoot the flying G to unlock discounts at given scores. Check the video below.

The Application will be officially launched in correspondence of the 10th anniversary of the Gold brand in Florence. It is already available on App Store. Why don’t give it a try?

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