AR-blog going live!

Welcome to ARblog, the ARmedia Blog on Augmented Reality!

With this first post we are pleased to announce the launch of a new communication tool that will be a meeting point for all those who are seeking fresh and original information related to the world of Augmented Reality.

The expression “Augmented Reality”  (AR) refers to that set of technologies that allow to integrate and superimpose digital contents (such as 3D animations, video, text and images) onto the physical world in real time by means of suitable computer interfaces. Thanks to the recent widespread use of latest genaration smartphones, Augmented Reality technologies have started to be recognized as indispensable tools that can improve daily life human activities in gaming, communication, marketing, education, design and in a lot of other applicative domains.

If you want to get updated on the latest developments and opportunities related to this evolving field then this is surely a website for you. Indeed, ARblog is an ideal place for developers, marketers, content creators, system integrators and just curious people to satisfy their information needs.

The Blog is edited by Inglobe Technologies Team, one of the most renowned AR developers worldwide. The company develops the Augmented Reality platform ARmedia  as well as outstanding augmented reality software, solutions and applications.

ARblog offers articles and information not only on Inglobe’s projects but also on the developments of the technology, the development tools, applications, case studies, critical discussions, events and anything related to the AR field.

We wish you all a good reading and hope you will help spread the AR word everywhere!

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